Schenley Park: Reflections on Nature and History

In “The Trouble with Wilderness,” William Cronon talks about the concept of nature and how its meaning and the discourse surrounding it has changed over time. Nature “is not a pristine sanctuary where the last remnant of an untouched… nature can…be encountered…. [I]t is a product of…civilization…. [Nature] hides its unnaturalness behind a mask that is all the more beguiling because it seems so natural,” writes Cronon (69). Cronon’s piece was like an epiphany for me. The more I read on and the more I realized that much of what I have always considered natural was in fact, carefully constructed and maintained by man, the more it dawned on me that I needed to reconsider what I considered nature as well.

Edinburgh to Glasgow, Glasgow to Home by Deepshikha Sharma

When does a tourist become a resident? Does it happen when you know which buses to take to get where? When you adjust to the times that all the shops close (5:30 PM)? When you find a place you love to eat and would go to everyday? When traveling out of the city becomes something as exciting as it was to arrive there? When you meet someone you love and they become the center of your experience? When you come home from another city and look at your city’s skyline, castle and turrets and hills and failed Athenian temple and all, and realize how much you’re in love with it? When you start noticing the negative spaces, the mundane, the people who are having loud conversations about their future next to you in a café? When you wish the gaggle of American students leaning over the cliff wall at Calton Hill would just shut up? When you don’t want to leave?

Badass Campaign--Women's Magazine Ad #1

"BADASS isn't something you can buy to wear and show off. BADASS is something you make for yourself by doing what's fight, for standing up for what you believe in, for trying to make the world a better place. BADASS is a way of thinking, a lifestyle. BADASS is breaking the mold, breaking stereotypes, breaking gender roles. And BADASS is being the best YOU you can be. So go ahead. Be a BADASS. And tell us what #BADASSMEANS to you. #BREAKTHEMOLD"

Laini Taylor's Brimstone: The Resurrectionist, the Hero

Using the discussion of the male and female monster in Nancy Veglahn’s “Images of Evil: Male and Female Monsters in Heroic Fantasy” and Diana Wynne Jones’ discussion of the hero figure, I postulate that Brimstone is a hero, though an ambiguous hero. Brimstone, despite appearances, is a subversion of the “monster” figure of modern fantasy; he is a deeply complex, modern character who, ultimately, is one of the biggest, most influential heroes in the history of Eretz.